Raising Capital is Time Consuming and Difficult.

Launch and Scale your business using our advanced automation systems!

Remove 80% of the "Grunt Work" and focus on

talking with your ideal prospects!

Access more than 37k Angel Investors in the US alone using our unique system!

Since 1997, Angel Investors Network's clients have raised more than $1 Billion using our systems and processes!

Our Angel Marketing System will scale your business... fast!

We're in the business of helping you succeed at scaling fast!

Angel Investors Network has been helping entrepreneurs succeed since 1997! Our complete training, coaching, and done-for-you investor marketing services will change your business forever!

Over Two Decades of Experience...

Thousands of Companies...

Over $1 Billion Raised...

Over $100 Million in Sales...

And Dozens of Exits!

  • Do you need more investors?

If you're in the process of searching for investors, but not sure where to find them, Angel Investors Network has the solution!

  • Are you struggling to stay on top of your leads?

Once you have investors, staying on top of your leads and following up can be a pain. Our system will get you organized and streamlined fast!

Use Our proven systems to Generate 20, 30, even up to 100 New Investor Appointments Every single month...guaranteed!

We have the marketing and operations tools to help you get the job done,

cutting your time to close the deal by nearly 80%!

Our team of experts will build the systems for you that will:

  • Get you on the phone with new prospects
  • Set calendar appointments for you with investors or potential clients
  • Automatically follow up and engage
  • Build your digital footprint
  • And much more!

Ramesh B., Integen

Using Angel Investors Network's systems and tools, we raised $1 Million from one investor! We went onto raise over $4 million using these tools and systems. They work!


Kevin Bidner, HCN

With Angel Investors Network's systems, we raised over $4 Million in just one year!

I'm really excited about our continued work together because we are now positioned to close deals with the biggest titans in our space, and we wouldn't be here without AIN.

First, We build your investor pipeline

We build the systems to help you find, attract, and engage investors so you can focus on closing the deals and building your business!


For starters, you need to find investors beyond your "warm list". We leverage our internal database, LinkedIn, email, direct mail, virtual and live events, and networking to find investors who are perfect for your business.


Once you reach out to investors, you need to capture their contact information in a customer relationship management system (CRM) that allows you to follow up and segment them properly. No more using spreadsheets and sticky notes!


Now that you've made your initial contact, we build a system to get investors on webinars and phone calls with you or your capital raising team.

Convert & Close

Next you need a deal room and follow up system in place to stay top of mind with your investors. Our Investor Pipeline & Deal rooms are custom built for you with all of the tools you need to succeed!

The Company with the Best Systems Wins!

Next, we'll fill Your Funnel with Investors

Angel Investors Network has a complete lead generation system for attracting investors from a variety of data sources. Depending on your capital raising strategy, we can do warm or cold audience outreach.

Big Data

Now more than ever is the time to utilize data and analytics to find potential investors for your company. We have partnerships with data providers that can provide you up to 70 million investor leads for your business!


Leveraging your LinkedIn profile and presence allows us to hyper-target your ideal investor prospects on one of the most robust platforms on the planet. Our team will optimize your profile and set up a complete lead generation system for you in LinkedIn

Email Marketing

For our Scale Plan, we will utilize our internal database as well as other data sources to send emails on your behalf with the intent of driving traffic to your opt in pages to learn more about your business. We can send up to 1 M emails per day on your behalf!

Social Media

If you are in the middle of a Reg CF or Reg A+ crowdfunding raise, then we can also utilize social media marketing to drive even more traffic to your campaigns and get you funded fast!

Live & Virtual Events

Hosting Zoom calls is expected these days, and going to a live or virtual event gives you immediate credibility and access to a large number of investors all at once. We help you optimize your events to attract even more investors.

Direct Mail

Believe it or not, direct mail has been responsible for billions in funding in the past several years, and can be one of the most effective means of building your business!

Top of funnel for investor leads

Dorothy Coulter

We doubled our closing goals in just 90 days! Using these systems we generated more sales in 90 days than we did in the previous 12 months! Thank you!


Jennifer Holland, Throatscope

We are now in over 4800 CVS stores worldwide and have investors from every corner of the globe! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have Angel Investors Network help us with raising the capital we needed to expand.

Now we can help people all over the world with our technology!

we'll automatically Create Opportunities in your pipeline

Getting names, phone numbers, and email addresses isn't enough. You need a system to follow up with investors and close the deal!

Investor Pipeline

Our customized pipeline will allow you to track investors and find out who is a hot lead and set up calls and appointments with them seamlessly.

Calendar Integration

Integrate your Outlook or Google calendar easily so you or a team member can set up appointments for you and stay on top of all the potential opportunities in your pipeline.

Dashboard Views

Easily see how many investors are in your pipeline, what stage they are in, and what the value of your pipeline is so you can stay on top of your capital raise.

send investors to your custom Built Deal Room

Never lose an opportunity again because you're not prepared! You'll have the most advanced deal room ever with all the necessary documents you need.

Secured & Gated

Don't fret over people getting access to your documents who shouldn't. Your deal room is only open to people you want to have access.

Automated & Simple

Send an investor a link to opt in, they will get their private login, and from there they can see the documents, pitch decks, and everything else you want them to see.

Templates to Keep it Simple

Not sure what needs to go into your deal room? Don't worry, we have that covered for you! Your investors will even get instructions and videos on what is the most important for them to understand and see.


Jeffrey Hayzlett, C-Suite Network

Jeff (Barnes) and his team have created something pretty incredible here. I keynote over 60 events every year, and Angel Investors Network's event by far had some of the best talent and people.


Bill Lloyd, Charitable Payraise

Working with Jeff has been instrumental in helping us grow our business. The knowledge, training, and coaching has helped us generate almost six figures in just a few short months! Can't wait to scale this up even more!


Get access to all of our training materials and coaching calls!

With over 100 hours of coaching and training videos, you will know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to close the deal!

Eight Figure Founder Accelerator

This 12-week masterclass will guide you through the eight key areas of business growth and help you increase the value of your company.

Value Builder Assessments

Get 12 different tools to help you streamline your operations, build your business, and increase your value and net worth. Complete with training, tutorials, and actual tools you can use!

Over $1 Billion in Resources

Our tools, systems, processes, and training have resulted in over $1 Billion in funding for our clients. We are including access to all of that in our Build and Scale plans so you have all the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to succeed!

Bottom Line?

More leads. More appointments. More sales. Faster Growth!


Ping Yeh, Stemonix

Angel Investors Network helped us raise the money we needed to get our product to the market. Now we are a publicly listed company thanks in part to their help!

  • Generate hundreds of new connections on LinkedIn
  • Get 20, 30, even up to 100 new investor appointments every month
  • Ability to email up to 100,000 investors per day (additional fees apply)
  • Complete investor pipeline and CRM management

introducing the angel marketing system!

One System to Replace Them All!

Get Your marketing system rocking like none other!

Get our complete marketing system that fits your budget, as well as all the training that comes with it to get you up and running fast!

There is no limit on the total number of leads or users for your system! Simply pay for SMS, email, and voice minutes as you go!

* Get 10,000+ Emails, 1,000+ SMS, and/or 800+ voice call minutes per month before additional charges apply!*

** Emails rebill at $0.0007 per email after you reach your limit. **

*** SMS rebills at $0.03 per message after reaching your limit. ***

**** Phone time rebills at $0.03-$0.05 per minute after reaching your limit. ****

Figure out your return on investment for our Angel Marketing System.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

From the Desk of

Jeff Barnes, CEO

Do you need help managing all the systems and nuances of finding investors, raising capital, putting the deal together, and also trying to find paying customers in the process?

Thinking about it all can make your head spin!

Lucky for you, we have the complete package to help you manage and handle all the chaos that comes with running a startup or hyper-growth company.

Our training and coaching will keep you on target and focused every day of the week, and our marketing systems will streamline your efforts, reducing your workload by 30-40%!

If you aren't quite ready to get started and want to get on a call with our team first, please feel free to book a call below.

Thank you,

Jeff Barnes

CEO, Angel Investors Network

"It's pretty incredible what Jeff Barnes & Angel Investors Network have put together here. Combining his military discipline and background with advanced marketing strategies and technology, I believe that Jeff and his team can help almost any company."

~ Steve Forbes

Forbes 400 alum of wealthiest individuals

Need us to do the work for you?

If you want our team to work with you every step of the way, we can help you.

Whether you are seeking out investors, or are already doing 7-figures in your business, if you need more one-on-one help building your systems and structuring your marketing and growth strategies, we are here to help.

These programs start at $3500/mo, so if that is too steep for you at this time, we suggest you get started with the plans listed above.

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